High School Girls Rugby

Because girls are worthy and valued participants in all sports, Helena Youth Rugby is making a targeted investment in girls rugby. We want rugby to be safe and accessible for ALL players, that’s why we have a U19 Girls Only rugby team. Its not just about better representation for women, it’s about better representation for rugby. It’s truly a sport for all. Helena Youth Rugby is a place where young people (not just young men) can lead and succeed. Incredible opportunities exist for women in rugby across the world. It starts now! If you are a high school girl interested in something that will push, challenge and develop you, rugby is for you.

Here’s why

  • Female Role Models: Young women need strong, confident role models and peers. Studies have shown that when girls participate in sports, their lives are positively influenced both on and off the field. We help players to be more confident in themselves and grow up to make a positive impact on the world.
  • Physical Activity: By the time girls are in high school, 1 in 4 will never have participated in organized or team sports. Even for the most active girls, there are still only 26% that participate in physical activity six to seven days per week. Compared to boys, 40%, that number is drastically low. (Sabo and Veliz, 2008). Participation in sports decreases negative health risks such as breast cance, obesity, depression, and anxiety.
  • Belonging, Purpose, and Achievement: Find your people. Be part of something bigger, be a valued member of the team, celebrate the things you achieve on and off the field.
  • Higher Education Opportunities: The future of rugby is bright. Being one of the fastest growing team sports in the US, universities and colleges (military academies included) are trying to keep up with this acceleration with rugby programs and scholarships. USA will host the Men’s World Cup in 2031 and the Women’s World cup in 2033, meaning the growth in America is likely to continue. More and more universities are investing in their rugby programs and recruiting players from near and far. The doors are open for you to live, study and play with top institutions.
  • Career Opportunities: With rugby growing around the world and in the United States, opportunities to be involved with leadership, technical and coaching roles are wide open. With a rugby foundation, jobs with rugby organizations, clubs, and boards are well within reach.


Since 2014, the total number of female rugby players has increased by 51 percent with the number of registered female players rising by 145 per cent. This compares to 27 per cent and just under 25 per cent respectively for male players. Today, more than a quarter of the 9.6 million people who play rugby in World Rugby member unions are female. This is fantastic news for the future success of our game.

Women’s Rugby Sevens is an Olympic sport. The elite of the elite compete all over the world because of rugby. Thirteen talented female athletes represented women’s rugby under the USA flag in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Catch the 2024 Summer Olympic Games and watch Women’s Rugby Sevens for yourself!


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